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Stairways Get Things Moving

The focal point in almost any house is the staircase in the entryway. Stairs and railings can actually say a lot about your house, from no-nonsense, to functional, to elegant and beyond. When you consider your choice of railing designs, flooring choices, and raw materials, there's an endless combination of statements just waiting to be made.

Staircase Choices

Stairways can be as dramatic or as unassuming as you desire. They can be made from wood, stone, or concrete; covered with carpet, tile, designer woods, and other materials that will accentuate the overall aesthetics of your home. This is generally the one area of you house where visitors and guests get to make their first impression of your home. If you're looking to make a statement, or set the decorating tone for your house, stairs and railings are a great place to start.

Spiral Staircases Are Classic

Spiral staircases date back centuries, and served as much form and function then as they do today. These types of staircases and railing can create a spectacular visual in your home, become conversational pieces, and can be designed to be historically accurate if you desire. The best part about having a spiral staircase in your house is you get to decide how functional, or how ornamental, it will be.

Wood Stairs Are Classy

Wood stairs are the most popular choice for homeowners. They provide the most diversity of any materials available, and can play many different roles in your stairways. Wood can simply be the raw materials that you'll cover with carpeting, or a wide range of hardwoods like oak, maple, apple, and cherry can be used for the purpose of creating uncovered staircases that will match the rest of your house in color, textures, and materials.

Don't Forget Stair Railings

Railing designs can also make the interior design statement you seek. Many materials exist for the use in railings, including construction-grade woods that can be painted to match the color scheme in your house, to designer hardwoods that can be stained and sealed to a gloss, to non-traditional materials like marble, granite, various metals, and composite materials like carbon fibers. Color, look, texture, feel, and functionality can all be yours. A local carpenter or construction contractor can cover all of these options with you, resulting in getting the exact design you envision.

Get The Right Stairway Design

There's no reason you should feel like you can't have the exact stairs and railings you want in your house. Choose your design, identify the types of materials you'd like to use, and take it all to an interior designer or carpenter. It's easy to turn your vision into reality. You just have to start.

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